Working Hard For You

Vote for John, Vote for the US, Vote for Yourself
John Orlinski
WA 1st Congressional District Candidate


I am running for office as a fiscally conservative independent populist Republican who is moderate on social issues. I am seeking office because I deeply care about our country and its prized future. My mission is to represent the silent majority of people who feel that their voices are not being heard by the current establishment on both sides of the political aisle; people whose personal liberties, constitutional rights, and individual freedoms are ignored and under attack. 

I have great respect for our system of government and the opportunities this country provides to our citizens. At the same time, I believe spending needs to be evaluated, streamlined, balanced, and become much more efficient.  We have more than enough resources to prosper although our overspending has caused our budget deficit to balloon. This spending is not only irresponsible but also dangerous to our sovereignty and future. We need to reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act and impose other restrictions on the Wall Street and banking system. Audit and oversight of the Federal Reserve System should also be implemented.

We need to take care of our citizens and workforce first, before we provide economic and social benefits to non-residents. The student loan system needs to be reviewed and re-evaluated. We need to continue our efforts to increase private employment levels and grow domestic free market agriculture and business.  

We need to continue reforming our health care, environmental protection, and welfare systems. I would like to encourage more emphasis to be placed on technical and vocational education and on preserving choice in schooling. We should work on renegotiating trade agreements and strive to reduce homelessness and improve mental health, disability and veteran services.

I would like to see an immigration system overhaul which would put more emphasis on protecting the borders and adhering to the rule of law and our labor needs. We also need to protect our laws, liberties, sovereignty, and gun rights.

Put America first and make it prosperous again. Vote for John on August 2nd, 2016 and vote for yourself.