Working Hard For You

My name is John Orlinski and I am running for office as an independent populist Republican who is fiscally conservative and moderate on social issues. I am seeking office because I deeply care about our country and its future. In this race, I want to represent the silent majority of people who feel that their voices are not being heard by the establishment on both sides - people whose personal liberties, constitutional rights, and individual freedoms are under attack.

Our government is expanding and behaves out of control with new mandates, intrusion, overreaching, and overspending which have caused our budget deficits to balloon and doubled our national debt over the past six years. We need to reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act and impose other restrictions on the banking system so we can avoid future crises. Audit and oversight of the Federal Reserve System should be implemented.

Our unemployment levels have remained high since the current recession began. We need to do more in this area but the majority of our efforts should be concentrated on increasing private employment levels. We need to show more financial restrains, reduce the size of our government, and make it more efficient. If not done soon, we are going to face dire consequences - inflation and financial ruin.

We need to continue reforming our health care, environmental protection, and welfare systems. I would urge more emphasis on technical and vocational education, and making our schools more competitive. We need more efforts made towards ending homelessness, improving mental health, disability and veterans’ services, and reducing abortion and teenage pregnancy rates.

I would like to see a limited immigration system overhaul which would put more emphasis on our labor needs. We need to end the wars, regain control of our borders, and protect our laws, liberties, and sovereignty.

   WA 1st Congressional Candidate                   John Orlinski




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