Here are some of my ideas and positions on the issues:

- We need to govern this country according to our Constitution, its powers, and laws, rules and regulations originating from it. The abuses of these powers should be condemned.

- We need to fight for transparency and privacy, protection of our civil rights, freedoms and individual liberties; we need to protect property rights and end government (NSA) spying on its people. We need to restore respect for the Second Amendment and our gun rights.

- We need to improve conditions for working and middle class families; put more people back to work and generate better and stronger economy with livable wages. We also need to fight for the people left behind and older workers.

- We need to fight for a smaller, pragmatic and sensible but sufficient government; the government that works for its people and not for the donors, lobbyists, and other special interests. Consequently, we need to end crony capitalism and corruption.

- Fewer regulations should be imposed on small business, banks and farms. Excessive regulations passed recently, especially by the EPA, should be reviewed and cut back.

- We should be demanding the passage of the Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) and the right to audit the Federal Reserve System. We should be demanding that the term limits will be imposed on our elected officials.

- We need to lower taxes on the middle class and ensure that everybody pays his, hers or its share. Corporate tax rates should be lowered and the Corporate Alternative Minimum Tax should be imposed, as I explained in one of my earlier writings.

- We need to secure our borders and take care of the illegal immigration problem by building the wall and implementing work-place enforcement measures, like mandatory E-Verify system, etc.

- I would also propose a resolution to our societal problem with growing abuse of illegal drugs by decriminalizing small drug offences, approving marijuana use by adults, and starting an intelligent war on drugs and treat it as a public health care problem which needs to be properly addressed.

- We need to preserve choice in education and offer alternative means to educate our young generation, including charter schools and other experimental methods and systems, like Democratic (Waldorf) Schools, for example.

- We need to preserve and protect Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid programs.

- As they have not worked as promised, we need to negotiate better, smarter and fairer foreign trade agreements, including NAFTA, TPP and TTIP, and do it more tightly. We need to secure access to foreign markets while protecting our own manufacturing base, intellectual property rights, and fighting cybercrime.

- We need to repeal ObamaCare and replace it with a free-market-driven healthcare system, while preserving good features of ObamaCare, like keeping young people on their parents’ policies (which was my original idea, to start with) and preexisting conditions. I would also add a cancer-cure amendment to it.

Balancing the Budget

I believe the biggest issue facing America's future today is the ballooning budget deficit crisis caused by Washington's irresponsible spending.  What makes this particular issue a real bear, pardon the pun, is that many people turn a blind eye, ignore, don't care, or don't even want to admit this issue exists.  It's about their bottom dollar and many seasoned politicians support this approach.  That's not American, and that is not what America has prided itself on or made it great.  Our economic strength and value came from hard working women and men, not looking for a quick fix or easy access.  We still have a chance to remedy this crippling problem, but this election may be the last do so before we fall off the edge.

Many people are outright unaware of the repercussions they will soon face by neglecting this problem.  I always thought standard economics should have been much more of a priority in education.  Remember those 401k accounts that magically disappeared a while back?  Well, this time it will be much worse.  There may not be someone to bail 'some people' out.  The debt bomb as former U.S. Senator and House of Representative member, Dr. Tom Coburn, coined in his book, 'The Debt Bomb, A Bold Plan to Stop Washington from Bankrupting America', is locked and loaded and we have a very short time to disable it.

I believe it is our duty as citizens and voters to educate ourselves on this problem and act responsibly toward our government's spending, just as we would with our own finances.  We, the people, are responsible with our votes and voices to determine the fiscal policy of Congress and our elected officials.  Consuming ourselves with debt and poisoning our future generations should not be our economic philosophy and end game.  Spending needs to be evaluated, significantly controlled, reduced and become more efficient.  No sane person owning eight maxed-out credit cards would apply for another one just to pay interest on the first eight ones, but our government is doing exactly so.  We need to elect more responsible and patriotic representatives, consolidate or eliminate duplicate and overlapping programs and departments, renegotiate our tax structure, simplify the tax system and ensure that corporations pay their fair share, stop borrowing money from foreign governments just to be able to pay our own current bills.  We need to impose the term limits on Congress so there will be less perpetual and unmitigated 'feeding at the trough' as you would say.

The debt problem is also tied to wars (trillions of dollars for bombing and rebuilding the nations), illegal immigration (at least $60 billon/year) and our flouted trade policy, resulting in the devaluation of our currency and selling our nation’s land and capital assets, as many aspects of our government and issues are intertwined.  Allowing unmitigated and huge influxes of immigrants who are provided, cared for, and bestowed with billions of dollars’ worth of aid, benefits, and services takes a huge toll.  I am well aware the United States is a nation of immigrants, but we need to come to a compromise to limit immigration to some degree until we have a set and workable plan in place to improve the budget deficit and our economic future.  If you are going broke at a rapid pace, changes need to be made and buckles need to be tightened.  

The U.S. needs to negotiate stronger trade agreements with our foreign partners.  Domestic products and their value need to be highlighted and their production advanced.  The weaker our dollar becomes on the world market, the worse our bargaining position will be at the table.  This is not a weekend job; this problem can only be addressed by focused and disciplined long-term planning from both sides.  It is hard to improve working in absolutes.  We have basically doubled our National Debt ($21.2 trillion, $174,200/taxpayer) over the past eight years, and have not much to show for it, and we are going to add additional ten trillion dollars on the top of it over the next decade, if we continue the status quo.  

We are at the verge of bankruptcy right now and it will be almost physically impossible, especially with the looming higher interest rates, to repay the money that we already own to the foreign countries and to ourselves, but we are still piling up (and printing) more and more on it.  If nothing we be done soon, we are facing inflation, default and financial ruin.  Our retirement plans could be worth half of it in the next ten years, or so.  The time to act is now, or it was already five years ago when the both sides were trying to agree to a deal, but, at the end, they just gave up and kicked the can down the road.  Shame on them.

My Sunday Sermon:
We enjoy another sunny, beautiful day and happy Sunday in the Northwest today.
People go to the churches, picnics, parades and water and music festivals; children play baseball, soccer and football and run around and enjoy their innocence and youthfulness. Boeing planes in green metallic colors start and land and fly over our neighborhoods showing their might and beauty. Other people go to the cemeteries to remember our fallen heroes and our past generations, the generations of hard working and honest patriots; the generations that have built this country what it is right now: the greatest human experiment in the World’s history; the eighth wonder of the World. The country that has achieved unparalleled freedoms, equality, and liberties for all and the country that has brought up millions of heroes that have been willing to serve and die for its freedoms and for the freedoms of others, as well. The country of great patriots. The country of Americans.
I spent this morning watching Sunday morning TV talk shows spewing Goebbels-like depressive and arrogant propaganda from around the World. The propaganda of the Republican and Democrat parties, the propaganda of the trigger-happy Israelis, Palestinians, Taliban, Al-Qaeda and the Russian rebels, the propaganda of the White House and three presidents from the Central American countries asking us, the US taxpayers, to take care of their children, the children discarded and cut loose by the parents to endure the current hardship but to their future benefit. I watched Hillary arguing her inherited right and making her case for the future presidency and explaining her billion-dollar travels, gesticulating like Obama, and repeatedly using me, myself, and I words. There are many people, organizations and entities around the country who have already invested in this persona and their future profits are vested with her.
So, there were many talking heads on the TV morning shows advocating for a verity of special interests that they represent but, and not surprisingly, the one, but the most important, advocate was missing from the equation there, the advocate for the American people.
Still, there is hope for all of us and this country. People are waking up to the notion of being represented by the fat-cat country club millionaires selected by their peers to represent the billionaires’ interests. The old system has not been too productive and we need to start working on changing and improving it. Presidents and congressmen come and go, like daisies in my garden, and they do not address our problems. They just kick the can down the road and use our children’s and grandchildren’s money to their own current benefits. They do not pay proper taxes and hide behind elected by them self-absorbed dudes to keep the current status quo.

We need to start working together and do what’s the best for this country, not what’s the best for the political parties, elites, and the special interests they represent. Honesty, honor, integrity, patriotism; do what’s right for the country not what’s good to you and your party – should be their motto, but apparently it is not. Where are the patriots? Nobody was howling.
So help us God and have a blessed the rest of the so beautiful day and many, many more.

Dear Governor Evans,
I had an honor of meeting you in Marilyn’s garden, probably in 1988. I have just fond memories of her and I will keep them in my heart forever. My family and I came to the US as refugees, as well, and we all are more than grateful for the generous opportunities offered by this country. The country which has been built by your and prior generations, the generations of hard working, law-obeying and generous people and patriots. The generations that had given us enormous opportunities and freedoms, the generations that has given us I-90 bridge, Space Needle, the UW, highway system and the infrastructure that we all can enjoy now thanks to your hard work, skills, and dedication. The greatest generations which had been willing to sacrifice their own lives in fighting for our freedom and for the freedoms of others.
I wrote about it in my blog from a week ago:
“Other people go to the cemeteries to remember our fallen heroes and our past generations, the generations of hard working and honest patriots; the generations that have built this country what it is right now: the greatest human experiment in the World’s history; the eighth wonder of the World. The country that has achieved unparalleled freedoms, equality, and liberties for all and the country that has brought up millions of heroes that have been willing to serve and die for its freedoms and for the freedoms of others, as well. The country of great patriots. The country of Americans.”
And as I sit in my beautiful home, watch flowers in my garden and hummingbirds being chased by bumblebees, when I watch Blue Angels flying above in the blue sky, it is very hard to even imagine troublesome and dangerous plight and circumstances that other people around the world have to endure. It is hard to comprehend terrible physical conditions and sorrow that the children and their parents living in Palestine, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ebola-stricken West Africa, or in Eastern Ukraine, have to bear on a daily basis. It is hard to get a grasp on grief endured by the surviving relatives of the Flight MH-17 victims; it is hard to even watch bombs falling down from the sky on the hospitals and shelters, the explosions killing and maiming innocent refugees and their children.
We have humanitarian crises taking place all over the World and we need to prepare ourselves for new waves of needy refugees arriving on our shores very soon. The World has become much more insecure and dangerous place over the last several years. The revolts and uprisings, many of which had been encouraged or initiated by our operatives, have disrupted old regimes and order and have caused lots of destruction, loss of human lives, and displacements. And it would be hard to say that the new order is better; it is probably more democratic but it is going to take years to stabilize the new regimes put in place by the discords.
We are also currently witnessing a great humanitarian and human crisis on our southern border, the crisis which was in part generated by the current administration’s lack of clear deportation policies and they refusal to implement this country’s immigration laws. Then, the void was filled by the smugglers’ clever marketing of our country’s generous benefits and lax immigration laws. Many middle class and poor families in Central America decided to sell their belonging, pay the smugglers enormous fees, and take upon the dangerous journey to the promised land. Obama has surrounded himself with many pro-Latino and pro-illegal immigration advocates, advisers and high-ranking government officials, like Cecilia Munoz, Jeh Johnson, and Leon Rodriguez, and countless others. Sometimes, as the politicking there is so convoluted and intertwined, it is hard to figure out who is there for obeying the law and who is there for breaking, ignoring or twisting it. At the same time, Obama has neglected to listen to the majority of the American population, including many minorities, who could be against his handling of the current influx.
I am all for helping and giving legal status to the refugees who can prove their claims of abuse and current and perceived future prosecution. However, we need to keep a balance between helping others and not hurting our own needy residents. The freedoms of others should not interfere with our own freedoms and rights, including rights to keep some of our, many times insufficient, earnings, good schools and medical care, and safe neighborhoods.
It looks like everybody around the World wants to claim his or her stake here, piece of an American Dream; they expect security and aid from us and bailing them out from financial crises. But, the buck stops here; we have nobody to turn to for help, nobody to ask for more money or free stuff, unless of course we ask for help from the Federal Reserve or China. Due to our government’s adventurous lifestyle and its out-of-control spending, we are basically bankrupt. We have been borrowing like there is no tomorrow, (actually, there should be no tomorrow for most of our politicians), from our current young and future generations without even asking them for a permission to do so. We have already lost our financial independence, we are not able to control our borders and we are losing sovereignty; we are going to lose this country altogether if something to prevent it won’t be done soon. This is no 60-ties, 70-ties, or even 80-ties anymore. We live in different times and we have to deal with different realities. The countries of Central American need to get their act together and put their house in order, as well; start being tough on their gangs and cartels, and work on providing better future, care, and opportunities for their citizens. There is no more Uncle Sam, he is gone.